Motter Properties

Corporate Profile

For more than 40 years, under the leadership of its founder Frank J. Motter, Motter Properties has grown to become an integrated, full service real estate group.
Originally concentrating on building its investments in industrial real estate in Montreal, the group expanded into commercial real estate in Colchester, Vermont in 1995.

In 2013, Motter Properties, acting as an owner/developer, responsible for its own construction management, operations, maintenance and tenant relations, continued expanding its real estate investments in Vermont and more recently in Michigan and Ohio. Motter Properties operates under the name of Acabay Inc. in the US.

Motter Properties has been able to experience solid growth since its inception because of its commitment to the following priorities.
First, building a team of people with different skill sets who have been associated with the group for many years, either as owners, managers, or as partners, and who know how to work together and understand the fundamentals of the business.
Second, foremost in the objectives of the group is to fulfil the needs of its tenants for high-quality space, with efficient and cooperative service.
Third, Motter Properties has a conservative financial perspective and respects its costs structures. It believes in enhancing the long-term value of its properties through a continuous program of reinvestment.
Finally, reputation is key. Motter Properties meets its obligations and undertakings, can act quickly and effectively to complete transactions. It seeks to build relationships of confidence with all of its tenants, suppliers, financial institutions, regulatory authorities, business partners and employees.